A good way to lose a potential sales call or new clients is how untrustworthy you perceive to be in your Cold Emails.

If you're anything like me and get cold emails regularly, one thing you will notice is no Email signature or a spammy looking one.

This instantly flags them as spammy, untrustworthy and I delete them straight away.

A good email signature should add credibility and trust in your cold emails and this is directly connected to you and your company and if they will take the next move to connect back out to you.

Your email signature should also come across as what they would likely to see from established companies emailing them.

Side note, If you do generate interest, one thing you can count on is that the prospect will do their research on you before reaching back out to you. Make sure where they go really puts your best foot forward to explain how you help your target audience get their desired results.

Bonus Tip, instead of just having what 99% of every other Cold Emailer has, as an "Unsubscribe Here" or "Click Here To Unsubscribe" link. Switch it out to not flag spam filters.

When I changed the unsubscribe link from "Unsubscribe Here" to "don't email me again" my deliverability increased to 16%!

Now if you send cold emails to large lists, a 16% increase is enormous for cold email! For whatever reason "Click Here" with "Unsubscribe" was getting my emails filtered.

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