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cash management in business
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Develop a positive business relationship with your bank. Seek your bankers advice even at times where you are not seeking funds. You may find that every time you go to your bank you speak to a different loan officer, so you should know them all.When the loan officer gets a promotion, you must start all over again with another person. If you want the bank to take an interest in your business, then you have to take an interest in theirs. How?

  • Know your banker—Take an interest in your banker as a person. Ask your banker to hold on to your account if he or she is promoted. When you go to see your banker have your business plan and financial papers ready. Make it easy for your banker to see what you want and why. The bank wants to minimize its risk with regard to you and your business. This is where you have to sell yourself.
  • Know your bank—Know and understand your banks annual report. Know your banks business direction and plan. Know the banks lines of authority. Get on the banks mailing list. It is an easy way to keep up with bank news.
  • Go to a bank-sponsored seminar—Go to your banks seminars on commercial lending. This will teach you how your bank operates in terms of lending policies. By doing this, you also prove that you have an interest in what the bank is doing. Finally, it affords you the opportunity to meet... (More)