Alex Charfen is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who has used his experiences to coach small business owners on gaining momentum and growing their businesses. Charfen has experienced both tremendous failures -- like going bankrupt during the 2008 recession -- and incredible successes -- like launching a business and growing it to a revenue of more than $10 million per year.

In this interview at Click Funnels’ Funnel Hacking Live conference, Entrepreneur Network partner Emily Richett talks to Charfen about the importance of taking care of yourself, knowing your market, and building a team.

Charfen recommends these three things to build momentum:

Reduce the pressure and noise in your life

Charfen teaches fast-growth entrepreneurs about how to take care of themselves first with hydration, nutrition, breathing and what he calls "daily momentum planning."

“If you have the earning potential of a multimillion dollar athlete, you should treat yourself as one,” Charfen says.

Charfen also says, “If there is pressure and noise anywhere in your life, it's creating pressure and noise everywhere in your life.”

Be polarizing and attract true believers

Charfen highlights the fact that “of the 29 million businesses [in the United States], 22 million are under $100,000 in revenue.”

He attributes this to entrepreneurs’ tendencies to “try and make their product available to everybody.”

He says, “if you walk into a room of 100 people, you should be able to identify the two or three that are your market. If you walk into a room of 100 people... (More)