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So, you’re an entrepreneur110 who has perfected his startup idea138, got the right team on board105, and has built his startup’s business model101. Now all you’re missing is a great business plan before you prepare your pitch to woo investors.

Now, if you’re a first-time entrepreneur122, there must be many questions in your mind like – is there a perfect template for a business plan?  How do you begin writing a business plan? Does a business plan only help in securing funds? What all should you include in your business plan? How long a business plan should be?

Well, if you’ve read our article on what is a business plan161, you would have already got half of your answers. Now for the remaining half, read on!

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So what they do and how they make money.

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The plan of action of Biocon comprises of five key development verticals –

 Small Molecules (APIs),


 Branded Formulations,

 Novel Molecules 

Research Services.

 All the five verticals are incorporated for development of the organization and furthermore help to cut the challenge


Biocon's completely coordinated plan of action traverses the whole medication esteem chain, from pre-clinical revelation to clinical improvement and through to commercialisation. 

organizations in coordinated research administrations (Syngene) and marked definitions, little atoms and biologics (Biocon) give various income streams to adjust hazard, drive development, convey items and quicken development. 

As they increment the intricacy and extent of our own R&D and assembling activities, particularly in new item disclosure and advancement, they accept custom and clinical research administrations will keep on offering significant cooperative energies