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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Communication is that special element that can bring back the broken relationship or can help to make that toughest deal done which is seen impossible to done.

Business conversation or communication is different from what we have from family or friend, it is formal and each and every words or point made should be closely watched and spoken.

Business communication can be divided into two main parts 

  1. Internal Communication.

This communication mainly involves the Communication that taken out within the organisation i.e. between manager and subordinate and other staffs 

    2. External Communication.

This communication involves the Communication done between company personal and customers or any other person outside company.

Ways for effective communication

  1.  It should be expressive and not filled with fillers

Yes, you read it correctly, people like to listen to those who are engaging and can express them effectively, so try to speak in form of story amd try to engage your audience in it.


   2. Don't forget about feedback 

 Have a habbit to ask for feedback although it is not always possible to have it but this is a good habbit  tto know yourself from others perspective.

    3. Stay Alert 

Effective communication can be made if you are attentive what other person is saying and

listening it attentively, active listener is the effective orator.

    4. Be confident 

This is the most important ingredient for effective communication, be confident and clear about what is your point because then only you can be able to communicate.