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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Business communication is a dynamic and complex process and involves steps by which proper message cannot be deliver to both the sender and receiver.

In order to be business communication to be effective, it should have a message which is :

1). Easily understandable to the receiver.

2). Compatible with the interest of the person concerned.

3). And should have a relevancy to the organisation, and it should be psychology and physically acceptable.

Principle for effective business communication involves clarity, adequacy, attention, integrity, courtesy, conciseness, and a tone of formal language.

Seven principle for effective business communication is as follows:

1). Completeness: any business communication should be complete within itself, whatsoever be the message should be conved to the receiver completely.

2).Conciseness: There should not be any unnecessary elaboration of the context, the subject matter communication should be precise and brief.

3). consideration: when delivering message the sender should take care of background, education, age, emotion etc of the recipient.

4).Concreteness: There should be exchange of specific, definite and exact information rather than vague one.

5). Courtesy: There should be a courtesy approach presented in effective communication.

6). Clarity: There should beclarity in the communication and message should be expressed clearly.

7).Correctness: The use of language, grammar and spelling should be checked to ensure the correction of the communication.