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Blog promotion must be a part of your content strategy if you want your work to be seen, shared, and widely consumed.

So we have some tips to boost your content based marketing :

1. Make use of on-page SEO(search engine             optimization) best practices

2. Leverage Search Engine Marketing

3. Execute  a Strong Social Media Promotion           Plan

4. Target Popular Search Terms and Phrases

5. Tap Into the Power of Online Influencers

6. Promoting content through paid social media     ads like ads on YouTube, Instagram and               Facebook.         

7. Guest posting on other blogs. you can promote your blog by publishing posts on other sites. When you publish content on other similar websites, you tap into their existing audience. This allows you to build relationships with new readers and drive traffic back to your site. When guest posting, always try to include a link back to your site in your author bio or article content.

8. Set up a consistent email marketing plan. The first step in this process is building an email list. You should always focus on encouraging your current audience to sign up to receive updates from your brand. Then once you have an email list, send regular emails and notify followers each time you publish a new post.

So by following this above steps you can really get mass Reach of your blog for content based marketing.

Running a blog

After 2,5 years of blogging, I grew my website to 80K organic visitors every month (check SimilarWeb stats: This led to automated “passive” sales every day without me doing anything (selling information products).

Just two weeks ago, I’ve decided to start a new venture! This is so exciting!

We’re only creating SEO-optimized content to help business owners grow their organic traffic. This is not an SEO service, nor anything technical. It’s purely based on engaging content that Google loves.

Our recent blog got over 2671 comments from real authentic prospects. Not spam. And there are 950 comments that are still waiting to be answered (yes, I got a bit lazy).

(This is not a pitch but it's just to show you that I got some experience)

If you're asking yourself "How?".... Let me share with you the secret.

The secret is…


The structure I’ve used on all blog posts created the high engagement and traffic on the website.

Consistency + Structure = Growth in Traffic

Now, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll publish a PDF document where I show exactly the 10 step process of building a high traffic blog post. The structure I’m talking about will be included.

But here is a short glimpse of the structure we’re using:

1. Choose a topic.

2. Jot down all notes and thoughts about the topic.

3. Figure out an attention-catching headline.

4. Write a short story.

5. Discover academic research that proves your point.

6.... (More)

How to write a blog post that converts 🔥

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers.

But not all are successful.

Not because there is so much competition.

Not because they don’t have SEO knowledge.

The primary reason is the content!

And I am saying this as an avid reader of blogs.😃

You see, many digital marketers start a blog with the intention of earning money. Sometimes that intention is so strong that they miss the basic things.

What are the basic things?

Knowing the audience.

Solving the problem.

Therefore, you need to research first and focus on content.

Take any popular well-earning blog, and you will find its content amazing, problem-solving in other words.

So how to write an excellent blog which people won’t ignore and keep coming back?

Here are some tips –

1) Write a captivating headline. Use numbers if listicle or What, How etc.

2) Create an outline before writing.

3) Use stats and link to authoritative resources.

4) Use images whenever possible.

5) Use bullet points. Work on formatting.

6) Use subheadings.

7) Don’t write lengthy paragraphs.

8) While reviewing products don’t use salesy language like “ You’ll, you can”. Use conditional language like “ if, might, could” etc.

9) Use a conversational tone. Ask questions frequently.

10) Don’t use filler sentences.

Burj Khalifa is fantabulous, but have you ever wondered about how strong its foundation would be!?

I hope you got my points

All the best. Rock the show! ❤️️

How to Find Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog


1.Join Different Group on Social Media Platforms

Join different groups related to your niche and check the comments of the people queries in post.

One of the best benefits of using this tip you can personally share the blog post link directly to that user.

2. Use

Just go to and type keywords related to your industry in search. There will be plenty of questions asked by people, so you can choose the question related to your niche and create a blog post on it.

3. Check Competitors new post

You can check your competitor's new post and take ideas from there and make a new piece of content.

4. Use Ubersuggest

Go to UberSuggest Tool by Neil Patel and Search your industry related keywords and Click on Content Ideas option by which you will get plenty of new ideas for your blog post.

5. Get Ideas from LSI Keywords

Search your Industry related keywords on Search Engine and you will get similar kind of Search Results at the end. So pick those keywords for your new blog post idea.

6. Ask Your Readers what they want

If you have established an audience by email or social media groups then this method can work for you. Ask your audience about what kind of topics they want to learn and get blog post ideas from it.