Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not physically present but it is actually digital currency which can be exchanged .It doesn't require any intermediate banks or authorities.

Bitcoin is different from traditional currency in various ways 

1 . Decentralisation:-  It is not limited to particular country         or government ...but it is spread all over the world.It is         run by a group of coders.

2 . Financial Freedom :- This type of currency enables                 individual or group members from not being restricted         from taxes and financial restrictions that are levied by         governments.

3. Supply :- Other  currencies like euros,yen etc., are                  restricted for production to certain limit for a financial          year,but cryptocurrency being digital is not restricted.

Limitations of Cryptocurrency :-

  1. As there is no authority , transactions are not transparent nor secure 
  2. Senders and receivers don't share actual details 
  3. Once money sent cannot be reversed or refunded