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How Did We Double ROAS of the Retargeting Ads?👊

Whenever we run Facebook ads for clients, we will set up retargeting ads without fail.

Retargeting campaigns are always the best-performing campaign that gives the highest ROAS.

But within our team, we felt that we are missing out on more sales by not retargeting outside Facebook. So we wanted to try retargeting on other channels as well.

We were getting about 8-9X ROAS on Facebook targeting ads for one of our clients and we wanted to try this for them.

But, setting up & managing campaigns on different channels will be a time-consuming job.⏱️

So to save time, we created a multi-channel retargeting campaign on Adroll which includes web & app display, social.


We started getting 18-19X ROAS on the retargeting campaign.

From then, we try to use this setup once we start getting enough traffic to the store.

Our key takeaways: Expand & Experiment 🧪

PS: Are you an online store owner/running ads for them? If you are interested in more scaling techniques, send me a message. I will add to you a private group where we discuss the scaling ideas & techniques.📈

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

One of the most famous lines in financial planning. But it applies to marketing strategy as well.

How dependent are you on Facebook/Google?


Google's algorithm changes often and for each algorithm update, organic traffic to your site fluctuates.

More competitor's coming in Google ads and the CPC go up & CPA goes up.

Mark can decide the future of your ad account and put an end card to a profitable ad campaign/product. (Don't ask any Fb advertiser about the pain of ad account ban)

Initially, it is good to start with one marketing channel and put all your energy. But the moment you are started getting results there, start focusing on other channels.


Here are a few channels you can explore.


✅ Start an affiliate program

✅ Influencer marketing

✅ Explore other platforms like Quora, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc ✅ Communities

✅ Email marketing


✅ Messenger marketing

✅ Native ad platforms like Outbrain

✅ Podcasts

What is your No.1 winning channel? Which one you are going to focus on next?