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Few points here and they might help you in your outreach campaigns: - The people you will be connecting with would-be already getting hundreds of emails every day so you will have to do it in a different way to stand out, test different subject lines, have a different tone of emails, crack jokes, and whatnot. - I would not suggest you go with templates and be as natural as possible. The moment I read "Your blogs are great and I am a big fan of your content", I close the email for my own websites. - Follow-up is very very much important and hardly you will get your posts published with just one or two emails sent. Some of our posts get published after 10+ emails but we do as the websites are worth doing it. - You can use your USP or create one if you don't have any. Let me share two examples: For one of the clients, they have great followership on Twitter and Facebook, this helped us get quite a lot of free guest posts that we will share the published post on our social media channels having thousands of active followers. For another client, at first, we purchased three guest posts on high authority websites (Industry leaders) and then used those as a reference in mails to get better authority in the eyes of other smaller website owners. 1. Introduce your self 2. Show that you are familiar with their work or show them... (More)

Wikipedia Backlink

You can get a backlink by identifying missing citations or dead links in Wikipedia entries and then adding a relevant link of your site.
Wikipedia is one of the biggest and most authoritative websites in the world.