1. Tech Reviews on Products + Affiliation Marketing
2. Digital Marketing with great Free lessons 
3. Travel Guides with Youtube Videos will be prefered
4. Fashion + Affiliation
5. Food Blogs
6. Sports Blogs + News
7. Movies + Entertainment
8. General News
9. Health Blogs

10. Finance News+ Blogs

Finance & Health were in top three for making money from Ads + Affiliation in 2019, but since the Google #EAT released in September 2019 and now updated on 12 Dec 2019, Which says When an Expert will write a blog or help to resolve real issue, Google will rank him on top positions, instead normal copy-writers just writing content on the basis of internet knowledge.

Hence go for such topics if you really are expert on that.

Read more about Google EAT (Expertise I Authority I Trust).