So in September 2019, I started my first niche site with no background in niche affiliate marketing though i have been doing digital and content marketing for more than 10 years.

I actually started with Amazon Associates, 3 month down the line i realized i needed 3 sales to qualify fully into the program.(Had no knowledge on it prior)

While i partially gave this site attention, I wrote a couple of articles, did no back links or guest post or any off site SEO related stuff .Just articles

As i write this my site has made more than 20 sales , well my niche is high ticket so you can imagine why i am excited.

I woke up this morning with a nice email from AMAZON

That i have been accepted into the program. I did everything organic and very passive so it means a lot to me to get here

Just want to share a 2 lessons i have learnt in this journey so far

  • A Good Niche Keyword Research is Key.

I use Keywords everywhere, a bit of SEMRUSH and the Golden Keyword Ratio, all the keywords i wrote on had less than 500 searches per month.

  • Long Form Article Still Matters.

All the articles i wrote exceeded 3,000 words. This made me rank easily in a few days, out ranking many.

Moving Forward, I plan to write 30 more articles before the end of February and leave the site on auto pilot.

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