After 2,5 years of blogging, I grew my website to 80K organic visitors every month (check SimilarWeb stats: This led to automated “passive” sales every day without me doing anything (selling information products).

Just two weeks ago, I’ve decided to start a new venture! This is so exciting!

We’re only creating SEO-optimized content to help business owners grow their organic traffic. This is not an SEO service, nor anything technical. It’s purely based on engaging content that Google loves.

Our recent blog got over 2671 comments from real authentic prospects. Not spam. And there are 950 comments that are still waiting to be answered (yes, I got a bit lazy).

(This is not a pitch but it's just to show you that I got some experience)

If you're asking yourself "How?".... Let me share with you the secret.

The secret is…


The structure I’ve used on all blog posts created the high engagement and traffic on the website.

Consistency + Structure = Growth in Traffic

Now, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll publish a PDF document where I show exactly the 10 step process of building a high traffic blog post. The structure I’m talking about will be included.

But here is a short glimpse of the structure we’re using:

1. Choose a topic.

2. Jot down all notes and thoughts about the topic.

3. Figure out an attention-catching headline.

4. Write a short story.

5. Discover academic research that proves your point.

6.... (More)