1.Join Different Group on Social Media Platforms

Join different groups related to your niche and check the comments of the people queries in post.

One of the best benefits of using this tip you can personally share the blog post link directly to that user.

2. Use Quora.com

Just go to Quora.com and type keywords related to your industry in search. There will be plenty of questions asked by people, so you can choose the question related to your niche and create a blog post on it.

3. Check Competitors new post

You can check your competitor's new post and take ideas from there and make a new piece of content.

4. Use Ubersuggest

Go to UberSuggest Tool by Neil Patel and Search your industry related keywords and Click on Content Ideas option by which you will get plenty of new ideas for your blog post.

5. Get Ideas from LSI Keywords

Search your Industry related keywords on Search Engine and you will get similar kind of Search Results at the end. So pick those keywords for your new blog post idea.

6. Ask Your Readers what they want

If you have established an audience by email or social media groups then this method can work for you. Ask your audience about what kind of topics they want to learn and get blog post ideas from it.