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Agritech Startup
Agritech Startup
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Top Fintech in Rajasthan 2022 AERONPAY: AeronPay is one of India's largest fintech industry, digital payments, and mobile commerce services companies providing UPI payments, full-stack payments, and financial solutions to consumers. , They contributed immensely to this mission, which transforms the traditional forms of finance and makes billions of people cashless in India, and also seeks to uplift the fintech industry. SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS ARE: • Earn Real Cashback points on every transaction. • No charges on Add-Money from Credit Card. • This is a great fit for our users because it is simple and easy to use. • Digital Gold and Silver at your fingertips! Buy, sell and store gold and silver and get delivered at your Door-Step - anytime, anywhere. AeronPay started in 2018, in fintech Industries and its headquarter is located in Rajasthan, at that time company’s revenue was Rs 5lac. The company’s recent revenue growth is Rs 18 Billion and the company’s goal is to increase the revenue up to Rs 100 Billion in fintech Industries by 2024. As of 2021, AeronPay offered 50+ services and had on-boarded 3.5k merchants/distributors and 850K customers. Its app was downloaded 180K+ times on the Google Play store and has 1M+ happy PAISABUDDY: PaisaBuddy is an online platform offering a range of products like business loans, loan against property, SME loans, and personal loans. The application process is online, and the amount is directly credited to the bank account post approval and uploading of documents. Personal loans up to... (More)
A trademark is a unique mark or sign representing you, your company, your products or the services that you provide and distinctive in nature, which distinguishes it from one firm to another and thus building reputation
You can describe your business in a number of ways; it can be in your company name, brand name, label, product name, logo, tagline, and domain names.

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• System generated recommendation for crop / farm practices to farmers through voice / text alerts.
• Content generated by subject matter specialists and it is delivered to farmers.
• Farmers get input products at comparative price
• Reduce delivery time and transportation cost.
• Facility to manage business from anywhere in the world.
• Suppliers and buyers connect and create new business.
• Agri- experts share their knowledge with other people
• Making Agri-produces distribution strengthen by transparency.
• Ensure fair and remunerative price to farmers through price discovery.
• E-learning facilities for Agri students.
• Central and state government agriculture schemes, agriculture news, agriculture events are updated on a regular basis.

I am Final year law student, looking for Opportunity to Internships with startups. I had done several contract drafting for legaltech startups.