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Today’s world is of tough competition,

where the survival of the fittest is the

rule. There is no room for non-

performance, and hence companies

tend to stick to what they can do best.

In order to be competitive, business

enterprises, are becoming more and

more dependant on specialised

business services. Business enterprises

look towards banks for availability of

funds; insurance companies for getting

their plant, machinery, goods, etc.,

insured; transport companies for

transporting raw material; and finished

goods, and telecom and postal services

for being in touch with their vendors,

suppliers and customers. Today’s

globalised world has ushered in a rapid

change in the service industry in India.

India has been gaining a highly

competitive edge over other countries

when it comes to providing services to

the developed economies of the world.

Many foreign companies are looking to

India for performing a host of business

services. They are even transferring a

part of their business operations to be

performed in India.