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Asked a question 4 years ago

Why USA and China has more no. of start-ups than India?

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USA and China are developed countries. The people in these countries try to think about upcoming technologies and how that technology can change the life of the people. They try to change every innovative idea into a startup idea. The mentality of the people of these countries is that, if they are able to change the life of the people by their startup idea then, their own life will be going to charge by the people itself by expanding the business.

India is a developing country. It is a country consisting of  hardworking people. That is why, we are able to see many Indian working under some organization. Indian people don't think about starting a startup. When you talk about starting a startup, they say ' why '.

According to the people of India, startup cannot survive for more.times and hence it is not a preferable option according to them.


The basic difference in the people of USA/China and India is basically in their  'mentality' and 'thinking' which helps them in working on more startups. This is the reason that USA/CHINA are developed countries and INDIA is still a developing country.


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