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why studying organization behaviour is important?

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organisation behaviour studies how individual, institutions and structures influence behaviour of the people qorking in an organization. it studies attitude ,actions ,personality of people as an individual or in a group and how they interact with others within an organization. it aims at properly managing human resources element of the organizations . its main goal is to analyse behaviour of people working in an organization to improve their performance so that they can work more efficiently for the organization . management uses organization behaviour to reduce conflicts among the people and promote more cooperation and healthy competition and thus encourage team work in an organization. 

with this , the importance of studying organizations behaviour are :

  1. studying organization behaviour helps management to prepare better leadership strategies. 
  2. studying it helps in improving communication in the organization.
  3.  it helps management in understanding individual and group behaviour in the organisation. 
  4. it helps in dealing and sorting out the conflicts effectively in an organization. 
  5. it aims to study the behaviour of people to bring out the best in them so that they can contribute more towards achieving organizational goals .