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Why should visit Varanasi ?

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The Oldest Inhabited City in The World— Varanasi39

Why should visit Varanasi ?
The Oldest Inhabited City in The World— Varanasi39

Varanasi, Also Known As Kashi and Banaras, Is One of the Oldest City on the Earth, Located in Uttar Pradesh on the Banks of the River Ganga, Varanasi Is One of the Most Revered Religious Place in India.

Varanasi Name Comes From the Name of Two Rivers — Varuna and Asi. While the Word Kashi Is Derived From the Word ‘Kaas’ Which Means to Shine. The City of Varanasi Is Famous for Ghats Which are on the Banks of the River Ganga. Pilgrims Come to Take a Holy Bath at These Ghats, It Is Believed That if One Takes a Holy Bath, All His Sins Are Washed Away. Varanasi Has Been Synonymous with the Majestic River Ganga and Its Many Rivulets. The Ganga Aarti Held Every Evening at the Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi Is a Sight to Behold.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple Is One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, One of the Pilgrimages Dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Varanasi Is an Important Destination Because Hindus Believe That One Who Dies in Varanasi Attains Salvation. Many People Prefer to Spend Their Old Age in This Holy City and Prefer to End Their Life Here. The Ganga River in Varanasi Is Also a Favourite Site for Immersing the Ashes of the Dead. Funerals and Cremations Are Common Sights Here.
 Varanasi Is a Place of Religious Importance for Hindus, and Tourists Keep Coming Here the Whole Year. Varanasi Is the Best Place to Understand Indian Hindu Culture and Rituals. Here Kashi Vishwanath Temple Is One of the Most Famous Tourist Spots, Which Attracts Visitors. There Are About 2000 Temples in Varanasi Which Make Varanasi the Spiritual Capital of India.


There are many ashrams around the Ghats of Varanasi. You can take advantage of the beauty of the Ganga from many hotels near the ghats. You can find pocket-friendly hotels and motels in the central areas of the city, They also provide travel and medical assistance to their visitors. The climate is hot and humid in summer, but the climate of the city remains cool at night, most of the hotels here in the city are air-conditioned.


The Food Here Is Basically Traditional and Plain and Simple. Roof-Top Restaurants in Varanasi Also Serve Homemade Food. Here Some Restaurants and Bars (Found Only in Some Hotels) Serve a Variety of Cuisines.


This City Is Also Known For Its Sweetmeats. Rabri Malai Is a Popular Dessert. You Can’t Leave Varanasi Without Trying Street Foods Like Aloo Chat and Pani Puri. But the One Thing You Must Try Here Is the Famous Banarasi Paan, Made Even More Popular by Bollywood Movies and Songs. 
Shiva Is a Major Center of Worship in Varanasi, Hence Sweets Made From Cannabis Are Offered to Lord Shiva As Prasad Here.
Thandai Is a Cold Milk-Based Drink Made With Pistachios, Almonds, and Saffron and Served With Copious Amounts of Malai (Cream). You Can Relish Thandai and Lassi at Shops Located Near the Godaulia Area.


Whenever You Go to Varanasi, You Must Taste These Sweets. if You Are a Sweet Lover.

1. Rabari

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Rabri of Varanasi Is the Most Famous in India. You Will Get Rabri at Any Famous Sweet Shop in Varanasi. You Will Eat Rabri With Jalebi Made of Desi Ghee, the Taste of Both Is Amazing.

2. Jalebis

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Jalebi Is One of the Famous Sweets in Varanasi. Whether You Eat It With Kachori-Vegetable or With Rabri, Jalebi Can Make You Happy Anytime.

3. Launglata

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Sweet Is Usually Made During the Holi Festival, but You Will Get This Sweet the Whole Year at Any Sweet Shop in Varanasi. This Sweet Is Made by of Crispy Dough Filled With Solid Milk (Mawa), Nuts, and Sugar. You Will Also Find Stuffed Cloves(laung) in the Sweet.

4. Malaiyo

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Malaiyo Is the Best-Selling Sweet in Winter. if You Want to Taste It, Then You Will Have to Visit Varanasi During the Winter Season. Malaiyo Sweets Serve in a Kulhad With Milk Froth and Garnished With Pistachios, Saffron, and Almonds.

5. Lassi

Why should visit Varanasi ?

The Lassi of Varanasi Is Slightly Different From the Lassi of Punjab. the Varanasi Lassi Taste Is Not Less Than Punjabi Lassi but Both Are Famous in Their Own Locations the Way of Serving Is Also Different Between Punjab and Varanasi.
Here Creamy and Thick, Aromatic, Lassi in Varanasi Is Usually Served in Earthen Pots and Topped With Cream With Rabri and Pistachios Which Looks and Tastes Great. and You Will Get Here Many Options in Flavours Like Mango, Banana, Strawberry, Coconut, Etc. Varanasi Is a Major Center of Shiva Worship, so You Can Also Taste Made From Cannabis Lassi, Which You Can Be Taken As Prasad.

6. Thandai

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Thandai Is One of the Favourite Drinks in Varanasi, Which Is Relished by the Local People and Visitors From Abroad. Thandai Is Made From Milk and a Mixture of Small Amounts of Cannabis and Is Usually Served in Earthen Pots and Topped With a Dollop of Malai (Cream).


1. Kachori sabji

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Kachori Sabzi Is Popular All Around for Breakfast in Varanasi. Here Every Street in 2 or More Food Shops Serves Round, Puffed Kachoris With Hot Vegetables, You Can Enjoy the Taste Here. the Kachoris Here Are Basically Made of Stuffed Lentils Served With a Delicious Gravy Made From Potatoes. and the Kachoris Are Fried in Front of Your Eyes and Served It.

2. Tamatar Chaat

Why should visit Varanasi ?

You All Must Have Heard About Tamatar Chaat, but There Is Something Different and Delicious in the Streets of Varanasi. This Is Prepared by Mixing Boiled Tomatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Onions, Green Chilies, and Coriander Leaves Spices Like Garam Masala, Asafoetida, Red Chili Powder, and Black Pepper Are Added to This Mixture. This Dish Is Spicy and Delicious.
Tamatar Chaat Is Served in a Bowl Made of Palash Leaves, Also Known As Dona. This Special Dish Is Unique to Varanasi and Everyone Must Try It When Visiting Here.

3. Chooda Matar

This Dish Can Be Stylishly Described As the Banarasi Interpretation of Poha. It’s Prepared by Riding Flattened Rice With Green Peas and Colourful Spices Like Asafoetida, Black Pepper, and Garam Masala. Chooda Matar Is a Perfect Evening Snack and a Stylish Way to Enjoy It With Tea. Its Taste Is Relatively Different From Maharashtrian Poha and Chiwda of Bihar.

4 . Baati Chokha

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Baati Chokha Is a Popular Dish in Varanasi, a City Located in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. the Dish Is Traditionally Made Using Locally Grown Wheat and Vegetables and Is Cooked in a Clay Oven. in Varanasi, Baati Chokha Is Often Served As a Street Food and Is Also a Popular Dish at Local Restaurants and Dhabas. It Is Considered One of the Most Popular Street foods in Varanasi and Is Also a Specialty of Varanasi. Many Street Vendors in Varanasi Sell Baati Chokha, and It Is a Must-Try Dish for Visitors to the City Who Want to Experience Traditional Indian Cuisine.

5. Banarasi Paan

Banarasi Paan Is a Type of Paan (Betel Leaf Preparation) That Originated in the City of Varanasi, India. It Is Made by Filling a Betel Leaf With Various Fillings, Such As Chopped Nuts, Gulkand (A Sweet Preserve Made From Rose Petals), and Katha (A Paste Made From Catechu Tree Bark). the Paan Is Then Wrapped and Folded Into a Triangular Shape and Is Often Served As a Mouth Freshener or Digestive. Banarasi Paan Is Known for Its Unique Taste and Is Considered a Delicacy in Varanasi and Other Parts of India.


Some Famous Sightseeing in Varanasi. When You Will Plan a Trip Here, Must Visit These Iconic Places:

1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Temple Is Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Is One of the Most Important Pilgrimage Sites in India.

2. Manikarnika Ghat

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This is one of the most famous ghats (a series of steps leading down to a body of water) in Varanasi and is known for its association with death and cremation ceremonies.

3. Sarnath

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Is a Buddhist Pilgrimage Site and Is Where the Buddha Delivered His First Sermon After Achieving Enlightenment.

4. Ramnagar Fort

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Fort Is Located on the Opposite Bank of the Ganges and Is Known For Its Impressive Architecture and Historical Significance.

5. Dashashwamedh Ghat

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Ghat Is Considered the Most Important and Spectacular Ghat in Varanasi and Is Known for Its Evening Ganga Aarti Ceremony.

6. Bharat Kala Bhavan

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Is a Museum That Houses a Large Collection of Art and Artifacts From the Region, Including Sculptures, Manuscripts, and Textiles.

7. Annapurna Temple

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Temple Is Dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Food and Nourishment, Annapurna.

8. Tulsi Manas Temple

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Temple Is Dedicated to Lord Rama and Is Known for Its Intricate Carvings and Inscriptions.

9. Hanuman Ghat

Why should visit Varanasi ?

This Ghat Is Dedicated to Hanuman, the Monkey God, and Is Known for Its Association With the Ramlila Festival.


Varanasi Is a Great Place to Shop for Traditional Indian Articles. Some Popular Items You Can Shop Here:
1. Silk Fabrics

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is Famous for Its Silk Fabrics, Particularly Banarasi Silk. These Silk Fabrics Are Hand Woven and Are Known for Their Intricate Designs and Motifs.

2. Gold and Silver Jewellery

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is Also Known for Its Gold and Silver Jewellery, Which Is Typically Handcrafted and Features Traditional Indian Designs.

3. Handmade Carpets and Rugs

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is Also a Great Place to Shop for Handmade Carpets and Rugs, Which Are Made Using Traditional Techniques and Are Known for Their High Quality.

4. Wooden and Metal Handicrafts

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is Also Known For Its Wooden and Metal Handicrafts, Which Include Decorative Items Such As Statues of Hindu Deities, Incense Holders, and Other Items That Are Typically Handcrafted.

5. Religious Books

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is a Religious City and Is Home to Many Temples and Shrines. Visitors Can Find a Variety of Religious Books in Hindi and English About Hinduism, Buddhism, and Other Religions.

Popular Shopping Areas in Varanasi Include the Thatheri Bazaar, Vishwanath Gali, and Godowlia Market. Additionally, Many Shops and Vendors in Varanasi Are Known for Their Bargaining Skills, So It Can Be a Fun and Unique Shopping Experience.


There Are Several Ways to Reach Varanasi, Including by Plane, Train, and Bus:

1. Plane

Why should visit Varanasi ?

The Nearest Airport Is Varanasi Airport (Also Known As Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport), Which Is Located About 18 Kilometers From the City Centre. There Are Regular Flights to Varanasi From Major Cities in India, Such As Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

2. Train

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Has Several Railway Stations, Including Varanasi Junction, Mughal Sarai Junction, and Kashi Junction. There Are Regular Trains to Varanasi From Major Cities in India, Such As Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

3. Bus

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Is Well Connected to Other Cities in Uttar Pradesh and Neighboring States by Bus. State-Run and Private Bus Services Are Available From Cities Such As Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, and Patna.

Once You’ve Reached Varanasi, You Can Take a Taxi or an Auto-Rickshaw to Reach Your Destination in the City. Public Transport Such As Buses and Tempos Are Also Available.


Varanasi Has a Wide Range of Accommodation Options to Suit Different Budgets. Here Are a Few Options for Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in Varanasi:

1. Guesthouses

Why should visit Varanasi ?

There Are Many Guesthouses in Varanasi That Offer Basic Accommodation at Affordable Prices. These Guesthouses Are Often Run by Local Families and Provide a Unique Cultural Experience.

2. Hostels

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Varanasi Has a Number of Hostels That Cater to Budget Travellers. These Hostels Offer Shared Dormitory-Style Accommodations and Are a Great Option for Solo Travellers or Backpackers.

3. Budget Hotels

Why should visit Varanasi ?

There Are Several Budget Hotels in Varanasi That Offer Clean and Comfortable Rooms at Reasonable Prices. These Hotels Are Usually Located Near the Main Tourist Areas and Offer Amenities Such As Private Bathrooms, Air Conditioning, And Television.

4. Homestays

Why should visit Varanasi ?

Homestays Are a Popular Option for Budget-Conscious Travellers. These Are Typically Run by Local Families and Provide a More Authentic Experience of Indian Culture and Hospitality.

5. Camping

Why should visit Varanasi ?

For a Unique and Budget-Friendly Accommodation Option, You Can Also Camp in and Around Varanasi. There Are Campsites in the Nearby Area or at the Ghats Where You Can Set Up Your Own Tent or Rent a Tent.

Do Keep in Mind That Prices May Vary Depending on the Season and Demand. And Also It’s Always Good to Check the Reviews of the Place Before Making Any Booking.

Why should visit Varanasi ?

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