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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer
Asked a question 4 years ago

Why should one become an entrepreneur?

Where am I?

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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer

Entrepreneurs are no one else, but who understands people's problem and go on some venture and try to find a solution for them. These people are called entrepreneurs and anyone can easily become an entrepreneur, you just have to think different and think for the ways to solve a particular problem. Problems can be anywhere, in your house, in a public bus or in a classroom. You just need to think outside the box to implement an idea to fix the problem, and that's what a startup is.

There are some points which I would like to mention, read them if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. My points and way of thinking may differ from your and my points are not ideal, for becoming a good entrepreneur you need to dig up information and read a lot of books related to entrepreneurship, I would also recommend you to learn about the great startups that took place in our history.

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Now lets come to the golden points

  1. You recognise a need or problem that you want to fix
  • One of the first things that needs to be kept in mind is that an entrepreneur needs to be passionate about what he / she does. When he / she recognises a need, he needs to want to cater to it
  • Passion and drive are necessary ingredients to entrepreneurship
  1. You are a problem expert
  • Entrepreneurs are essentially experts on a particular problem.
  • They see solutions to problems you might not have even thought of or maybe, you have decided to live with that problem
  • The entrepreneur doesn’t do that, he / she goes out and creates the solution to that problem!
  1. You have big dreams but they don’t just stay dreams
  • Be an entrepreneur if you know you’ve got big dreams and equally big ideas to back them up
  • Entrepreneurs need to be doers, not just people coming up with ideas
  • An entrepreneur must be realistic and come up with innovative that he / she can actually implement and so, bring about some result
  • The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell
  1. You are ready for a challenge
  • Entrepreneurs have to put in hard work and perseverance for your dream to come to life
  • If you aren’t willing to struggle through long nights and unsuccessful tries, entrepreneurship isn’t for you
  • Entrepreneurs need to be hard workers with a ‘Never-Give-Up Attitude’
  • If you think of backing out in the face of a challenge, entrepreneurship isn’t for you
  1. You are innovative and enterprising
  • Entrepreneurs have to always come up with new and creative ways to deal with problems and challenges that they face
  • They also have to keep being innovative so that their business gets better as it grows
  • When Plan A doesn’t work, they usually have Plan B, C, and D ready at hand
  1. You are looking to make a difference
  • Successful entrepreneurs look to make tangible changes and actually doing worthwhile things
  • Entrepreneurs are people of vision who want to make it big for the right reasons
  • If you are looking only to make a quick buck, entrepreneurship is not your road
  • Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following.” – Tony Hsieh

From the first step onwards, there’s blood, sweat and tears involved in entrepreneurship. You can’t just become a successful entrepreneur. You have to work for it, it begins with baby steps and eventually, you do bigger things. Entrepreneurship also involves great risk. You can fail miserably as an entrepreneur. There is no guarantee that your start-up will actually be successful. Entrepreneurs need to put in effort so that their ideas materialize.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t guarantee you glamour and money. It only guarantees a life of passion, commitment, fulfilment and innovation. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your own start-up that was making a difference somehow? Maybe it’s creating better technology or maybe providing better services. This is because the heart of entrepreneurship isn’t the fame, success or money that comes with it. The heart of entrepreneurship is essentially problem solving.

Being your own boss is often another big draw towards entrepreneurship. However, it is important to understand that entrepreneurship doesn’t give you a free lease to do as you please. Entrepreneurs work harder than ever and the job never stops. A normal job may go for 8 to 10 hours a day but when you own your business and you assume responsibility for its success, you work 24/7. This is because an entrepreneur needs to be on his / her toes, looking to do his best for his / her start up at all times. In the words of Carrie Layne, founder and CEO of BestBuzz, “Entrepreneurship isn’t a part-time job. It isn’t even a full-time job. It’s a lifestyle.

So, that was it guys hope you would like this answer, I know this one is little longer then expected. But there it is. Go through these points if you want to be a great entrepreneur and you are thinking for a startup. Thank you.