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Asked a question 3 years ago

Why Orkut wasn't successful?

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Reason of failure


It became hard to offer clean remarks on Orkut. A “Like” button turned into a exquisite feature that Facebook added early on.

2. Orkut was not the most aesthetically captivating platform. This is not a useful failure, however crucial for social media usage.

Three. Orkut turned into never cell friendly. This became the unmarried most crucial motive why Facebook was capable of take the lead. After 'MP3 on cell', 'internet on cellular' changed into the good component ever. I myself remember usually getting pissed off, even as loading Orkut on my feature phone. Internet on mobiles commenced catching up after the launch of iPhone and Android. Precisely that become the time when Orkut began loosing and Facebook became popular. Facebook centered on cell right from the start. Orkut ignored the cell bus.

Four. Besides those three major reasons, there have been many other motives.

Limitations on profile content: photos, textual content on profile

UI become extra focused on profile and much less on conversation

Weak seek in scrapbook & network

Weak administrative capabilities on communities

Unimpressive UI over Facebook

Page post lower back (especially Facebook changed into quick to operate).