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Why entrepreneurship is on rise these days?

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Entrepreneurship is not on rise only in india but throughout the world as a career option. All people whether young or old are establishing their startups to make their own brand name. It is truly impressive to see entrepreneurship is rising and it no longer remain a profession or a career which was earlier choose by only wealthy and ambitious people. Let us consider some following factors that are driving people to take entrepreneurship than any other profession. 

  1. New thinking - during past few years new careers are comping up. Earlier people mostly prefer to get government jobs or a job with handsome package in a company. But now things are changing and starting one's own business is getting popular as many business tycoons share their experience and stories that is giving people a vision to do what they like and never give up! 
  2. Technology and innovation - Technology and innovation has majorly contributed the growth of entrepreneurship. It lead to introduction of new and innovative goods and services like hospitality services, online food delivery services, transportation sevices like uber and ola,online shopping, audio visual used in imparting education etc. Technology has definitely proved to be a boon for the society if used correctly! 
  3. Be one's own boss - people have spend many years or even decades working in a company and for their bosses. Though this kind of job has provided them many benefits and livelihood but they they spend entire life not working for their own dreams and passion. There is always the lack of freedom while working for others and achieve their organization goals. This sense of independence is also one of the main reason people take entrepreneurship as a career and work for themselves.