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Why entrepreneurs should learn from failures?

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If  a person has to become successful he has to face failures and learn from them to move on. In Business too an entrepreneur has to face and learn from their failures. It is not possible to run away and hide from failures. Failures provides obstacles in one's path of success but if it dealt properly, there is no limit of success as no failure is permanent. Likewise an entrepreneur can learn many useful lessons from his failure as it help to become a better leader and a businessman. Following are some successful entrepreneurs who learned from their experience in past and achieved great things in life. 

  1. Walt disney - an american entrepreneur who is known for mickey mouse donald duck, disneyland. He didn't become successful in a day even he faced failures. There was a time when he was bankrupt, had mental breakdown etc. However he looked at the advantages of failures as it teaches us many things and can bring us on right track.
  2. Jk rowling - one more example of failure and success is jk rowling. She is famous for her harry potter series. She faced failures as her 1st book was a failure, ended her marriage and suffered depression. Jk rowling went from unemployed to  one of the most popular selling authors and became first billionaire author. So every entrepreneur should embrace and overcome failures and be proud of one's self. 

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Asked a question 4 years ago
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