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Sayantika ChatterjeeTop Contributor
I am a literature student from University of Calcutta and came here to contribute.
Asked a question 4 years ago

Why do you think the role of family in an entrepreneur's life is important ?

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Devashish Shrivastava Top Contributor
Undergraduate student | Content Writer

Starting a new business isn’t simple. It is a dreadful road. Most of the entrepreneurs admit that they had to sacrifice their family life to make it big in the world of business and it’s true because normally since setting up a business, taking care of it requires considerable amount of time. Initial time period in any business is always difficult and sometimes it affects the person mentally. Here comes the role of family as two things from this situation can happen, if the family is supportive and they won’t leave you when you are down an you will work more harder for them and will come back stronger. But if the family is not supportive and not showing faith in them, they might fall apart and everything just might get worse and worse with time.

Why do you think the role of family in an entrepreneur's life is important ?

Some entrepreneurs do learn to bring in a balance after achieving reasonable stability in their businesses. In spite of the fact that family life and business life are distinctly different from each other there is a component of shared characteristic between the two; both need a decent measure of enthusiastic speculation. Quality time means nothing but the period when we are involved at some emotion level. Thus, family life invariably demands emotional participation. At the same time, most entrepreneurs will also agree that that they are incredibly passionate about their work. Hence, the role of family is really important in entrepreneur’s life.