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Aalekh Prajapati
Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

Who are the 5 best entrepreneurs to learn from ?

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It is because of the entrepreneurs of today's world that have brought advancement in 21st century and has increased the pace of technical development around the globe. There are many entrepreneurs that one can learn from, but most famous ones have turned around the faces of technology, development, mindset, people's lives. There can be thousands to be listed, but let us learn about a few, who we shouldn't be hesitating to call "Genius"

  1.  Elon Musk - He is one person known for his vision and creativity of mind. Elon musk is the man behind Tesla, Paypal, Solar city and SpaceX, who all are the giants of their respective fields. all these companies have had their worse periods, when Elon musk took up and turned around things with his consistency, passion, dedication, discipline, vision positive attitude.
  2. Steve Jobs: Another great person that today's generation is well aware is Steve Jobs. Almost everyone is aware about iPhones and their popularity. Steve Jobs is the man behind it. He is one person known for his sheer passion for technology, his consistent creativity, his vision for perfection. He too had many challenges in professional as well as personal life, but he overcame everything and rest is history.
  3. Jeff Bozos: Everyone reading this article on internet, must have done online shopping, at least once in their lifetime. He is the man who changed the world of shopping from going store to store and getting headaches in strong sun to getting products delivered at your home in clicks. He started Amazon as online Book selling shop, which he changed to online shopping market by his innovative thinking, consistency, patience, planning, leadership and generosity.
  4. Sundar Pichai: Coming from a middle class background living a 2 bedroom life in Chennai, TN, India, success story of this man is known in every corner of world now. This gentleman, who is the CEO of Google now, is known for his generosity, focus on plan, belief on innovation, simplicity, staying away from office politics and  self discipline. There is a lot to learn from Sundar Pichai is extending the limits of Google by sparking young and innovative minds to keep creating changes to world. 
  5. Patrick Bet-David: Isn't it amazing to rise from all your fears that developed during your childhood and come out strong to build foundation that helps change lives of people. Patrick Bet-David is one person who was born in Iran at the time of Iran revolution. He, along with his mother, fled from Iran to Germany, where he had primary education, before moving to USA. Although, he couldn't do his college, but went on to work for Morgan Stanley. He learned there everything about financial services, mortgages, loans, insurances, etc. At an age, nearly 40, he started his own company, named People Help People, which went on to become a huge success. One more reason why this is more remarkable than any other startup, is because he built a financial service company from scratch at the time of US economic breakdown. This required sheer commitment, self belief, subject knowledge and discipline. 

This list can go on to fill pages and books. The world was changed by entrepreneurs, it is currently being changed by entrepreneurs and it will be changed in future by entrepreneurs.