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Which Companies in Saudi Arabia provide Cash On Delivery (COD) Courier Service?

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The cash on delivery (COD) courier service industry is booming in Saudi Arabia, with many companies providing this type of service. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the list of possible candidates for your next COD shipment. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of 10 top-rated COD courier companies in Saudi Arabia that you should consider for your next shipment.

Best 10 Cash On Delivery Courier Companies in Saudi Arabia

Cash on delivery (or COD in short) is a type of payment that allows the customer to purchase an item online and pay with cash before they receive their goods. The buyer must provide the seller with an address for pickup or meet them at a local bank branch to finalize the transaction and collect their order. This way of paying can be risky as some customers may not turn up to pick up their items from the agreed location or even show up at all once they've received it. This results in a seller going through the hassle of having to chase up this payment. Choose the right cash-on-delivery courier company in Saudi Arabia for your online business from the below available options.

1)Aramex Cash On Delivery Courier Company in Saudi Arabia

Aramex60 is a global logistics and ecommerce company that delivers across six continents, connecting international markets to local businesses. With a network spanning more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, they offer smart solutions for hard challenges.

From flowers ordered online on Valentine's Day to high-value goods delivered around the world by trusted partners; from an iPhone repaired at home or returned under warranty to a parcel of clothing bought as a gift. Every day millions of people rely on Aramex to deliver simply extraordinary experiences.

2)Saudi Post Cash On Delivery Courier Company

Saudi Post is a COD company that has been around since 2012. It offers service of picking up and delivering packages for the customers with cash on delivery option. The package can be picked up from any store or even doorsteps, as long as it’s in Saudi Arabia. The most famous thing about this courier is their late night deliveries where they deliver packages after 12 AM to anywhere in KSA until 04AM next day at no extra charge. This allows people who work during day time and cannot meet customer convenience hours to order online without worrying when their products will arrive home. It also provides you tracking information right away via SMS or phone call, which is really helpful when the customer knows where to find it. The delivery time depends on how much you pay for shipping and what type of service you want but as a rule Top Post will deliver your package within 24 hours without any issues if not sooner.


DHL is one of the Top Cash On Delivery Courier Service Provider Companies in Saudi Arabia. With more than 300,000 employees and operations in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL has a very strong presence around the world. In order to get started with this Top COD courier provider company in KSA, it is important that you set up an account first by visiting their website. One great thing about using DHL for your international shipping business is that you can ship to more than 220 countries and territories.

4)Emirates Post Cash On Delivery Courier Company

Emirates Post Cash On Delivery Courier Company in Saudi Arabia is a family-owned business that has been providing exceptional services since 1978 and they have a fleet of over 100 vehicles. They are equipped with all necessary licenses, certificates, insurance and permits to provide their customers with peace of mind that only an experienced courier service provider can offer you.

Their main goal is making people’s lives easier by delivering anything from small packages to large parcels anywhere in the Kingdom at any time day or night within hours (depending on availability), which guarantees that your parcel will arrive when it matters most – as quickly and safely as possible.

5)Qatar Post Cash On Delivery Courier Company

In our Top Pick of the Best Cash On Delivery Courier Service Provider in Saudi Arabia, Qatar Post is one company that has been providing COD delivery service for many years now. It provides airport transfers through its own fleet of vehicles and with their online tracking system you can track your parcel’s location whenever it moves from one location to another. You will be able to see where your package or goods are at any point in time by looking up the tracking number on this website. The site also shows a map of all available routes so you know which course they take when transporting items around Saudi Arabia. We highly recommend using them as a provider for your eCommerce business if you need deliveries to be done quickly.


Postaplus Courier Company357 in Saudi Arabia has the best COD service in the Kingdom. They provide a quick and reliable door-to-door courier delivery for businesses running online stores as well as retail customers who are looking to have items shipped from any country, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

The Top Ten Reasons why you should use Postaplus:

- 24/365 customer support

- Fastest overseas shipping - it usually takes only two business days

- Various payment options - cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal etc.


Firstflight is a Top COD Courier Service company in Saudi Arabia. With the fastest and most secure cash on delivery service, you can trust them for your eCommerce business needs. Firstflight Cash On Delivery has been providing reliable courier services since 1992 with vast experience delivering across all of Saudi Arabia. They offer competitive pricing, fast transit times to ensure that your goods are delivered as soon as possible, plus great customer service through their online platform.



10)Blue Dart

Conclusion paragraph 

We have compiled a list of the best 10 Cash on Delivery (COD) Courier service companies in Saudi Arabia142. These are all reputable, reliable and trustworthy courier services that offer COD for both personal and commercial purposes. The prices vary depending on the company but they range from SR150 to SR200 per shipment with an average cost being around SR180. Some even provide free delivery within certain areas or if you spend over a certain amount with them.