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What will neurolink do ?

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Neurolink is the new project of Elon Musk.  But very little know about this mysterious company. Neurolink is a start-up started by two tech researchers . They developed a device that could potentially help people from brain injuries . this was started by 2015 . Later an investor bought that startup for tens of thousands he's non other than that Elon Musk. In 2017 Elon said that he will be backing a new brain computer interface venture. The ultimate goal of this company is to merge man and machine i.e fusing human intelligence with artificial intelligence. He called that as neural lace. In essence neural lace is an ultra thin mesh that's implemented in a skull and forms body of electrodes which are able to monitor brain function. Neural lace should allow humans to upload or download information directly from computer just like nile from the matrix. In order to insert neural lace a tiny needle which contain rolled up mesh should be inserted into the skull then the neural lace will integrate itself with human brain creating the perfect symbiosis between man and machine. So far neural lace is tested on mice upon autopsy researchers and found little negative consequences. This technology sounds amazing