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Asked a question 3 years ago

What should I do in my startup and choose an apt idea to make it big?

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Starting your startup and gethering all those inovative idea to kick start your startup is the ultimate goal of every fresher how wants to contribute his/her hidden talent to the world.

choosing an idea about what to do for a startup is something quite intriging,The solution for the problem lies underneath deep down inside you.

What should I do in my startup and choose an apt idea to make it big?

First, find your passion about what you most like to do or something which makes you quite diffirent from others,for example If someone likes to programming or someone loves to share his/her emotions through writing,or by speaking they can make thier carreer according to their passion by creating Bloging website(writing),or start a youtube tutorial in programming or can create a wall for his/her photography skills to showcase it in the world.

Second,Gather all the information about your selected genre,for example in creating a bloging website list down all the nessary websites names which provide platform for creation of your website ,have all the nessasery detalis about how much the provider will charge  

you montly,how much traffic you can get by buying a domain name for your website etc.You277 can also connect to the people with same interst or start by alone as to stay motivated in your journey.

Third, Planing,the is the most important stage of your startup.Go through all permutations & combinations in creating your solid base,As you have to think and have to stick to the overall base idea,it should be more strong which will sustane for longer period of time.

Forth,Execution of your planned idea,send most of the time on the presentation of the plan to the world,beacause it matters people will like your work if you provide them an apt and honest solution for their problem.

example- UBER,has grown to a global recognition as it had changed the way of people's life by providing them a easy and a smart way in traveling,now People can find their rides on their fingertips and a can book a secured cab for their destination.