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What's affiliate marketing and what an affiliate marketers should not do ?

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Technology , Education

The cool part of affiliate marketing is it's performance based marketing. If someone drives a lead Or a sale, one will pay them, pay them on a cost per acquisition. Acquisition can be a lead or a sale. If one's product sells for 500 bucks and their margin is 250,  in essence your operating it on a 50% margin and if one decide " hey, I am willing to pay someone a $100 for every sale that they drive me " then they can often affiliates. "Hey for every sale you drive me". I'm gonna give you $100 and they may decide that they are going to drive these sales through SEO , pay per click, Facebook ads. That's what affiliate marketing is all about.



* Need to continually optimise own site

      If people are driving traffic, but those visitors are't converting into customers,  that means they are driving irrelevant traffic, but most affiliate marketers are good at what they do. So usually the traffic sources typically qualify the websites.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques or tactics , especially for businesses that don't have a tonne of capital


1) Not having confidence in yourself


    This a lot with beginners is they don't think that they are valuable enough with putting out the content and being the person that reviews the product. Ignore all these doubts and believe we all have them. Just starting , talking action and you will be more confident as time goes on. Most of us before starting a business we don't have right mindset because one haven't gone through the process yet so don't listen to the limiting thoughts , listen to the people who have done this successfully.


2) Not building an email list


    Don't always rely on 1 traffic source . Start building an email as a backup traffic source


3) Thinking that affiliate marketing is a get rick quick


   Now, when people are telling  strategies,  how  can make $10000 with affiliate marketing but they say it requires a lot of time and hard work and they actually show what to do then they are usually trustworthy.


4) Selling rather than helping


    Even though affiliate marketing is basically a sales job, one's goal isn't always to sell. When people click on one's affiliate links the sales page is supposed to sell. One's job is to be helpful and provide valuable content out so one can build up attention and trust so people might use their links. People are sick of getting sold so that's why they come to affiliate websites to get real person's view without any biased opinion and that's how one's content should be.


5) Not sticking to one thing


    When starting out just stick to one thing. Don't go around and promote 8 different offers and niches at a time. Focus on one, get good at it, and once start making passive income from it , then move on to next offers.


6) Not comparing products


    This is something people always want to see is a comparison. If one reviewing some type of product or course , one have the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Also when one do this one can leave the affiliate links to all of them so that's more sales and more options for one reviews.


7) Promoting low quality products


    Make sure that actually promoting a legit good product. Go through the sales page making sure through email follow up sequence is good


8) Do keyword research


    If one has websites or even a Facebook one want to do is keyword research. Seeing what keyword one can potentially rank for finding low competition keywords to make one's content around. Again one shouldn't always rely solely on search engine traffic but it doesn't mean one shouldn't it because it doesn't help a lot.


9) Not having good content


    Don't make a half assed review or just have basically a store telling people to buy all the time. One want to make high quality reviews with good in depth content with pictures , videos, good texts etc.


10) Following what everyone else does


     A lot of people will just move on from trend to trend. Whether it's shipping, Amazon, crypto. People tend to go on from one thing to another. If one look at all the successful people they have always stick to their business model and keep doing it. Build own business from own terms and stand out from the pack.


11) Learn effective copywriting and sales


    Read books and learn marketing


12) Not creating enough content


    A lot of people thinks they just have to make a couple pieces of content and then they are going to make bunch of money. If it doesn't work like that one keep putting out content and make it consistent thing one do every day or couple of times a week. Make it become a habit and in couple months one will learn to enjoy it and eventually makes more and more money as time goes on.


13) Not Investing in paid traffic


  Money is used to spent so invest it in paid traffic sources like Facebook, email marketing


14) Being impatient