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What role is performed by business incubators in startups?

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Business incubator is a company that works  to enhance entrepreneurship and help startup companies to grow. They help startups firms  by providing various facilities like affordable space for offices marketing support, financing and training for Management. They usually help new and emerging firms to get established. They also help technology related startups to grow through shared resources. The main function or role of business incubators is foster development of entrepreneurship venters. They also support the startup firms to be independent and survive on their own in the competitive market. Employment opportunities are generated by incubators for various tasks that incubators performs so they create jobs for graduates, freshers as well as experienced people. Apart from this it also extend its support to startups by giving adminstrative advice and guidance. This can help new startups firms to be on right track for successfully establishing and running their business. They play an important role in providing investors for the startups as well as help them to make strategies for marketing, commercialisation. Therefore business incubators can significantly help and support startups to establish and perform well to achieve their goals.