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What role does customer play in any organisation?

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Our organization assists business people with propelling new businesses. A large number of our customers with organizations have been influenced by the present monetary conditions. For some, starting a startup is never again a top need. A week ago I called a couple of our key customers whom I know encountered a huge decrease in business execution. I proposed to assist them with anything they requirement for their current organizations, regardless of whether it is advertising, deals, activity, methodology, counseling, and even client care. One of our customers as of late disclosed to me that if not for our drive, he would have proposed to stop our association.

Consider what your clients truly need today. While center is basic for startup achievement, adaptability and flexibility are much increasingly significant. On the off chance that your item is never again a need for your clients, either address their requirements or fabricate arrangements that do.

Clients' spending limit doesn't out of nowhere vanish during financial plunges. On the off chance that you offer great to-have arrangements, your main responsibility is to legitimize your organization's an incentive in contrast with clients' top needs. 

Follow these straightforward advances:


In the event that you run a developing startup, list your most significant clients.


Research and rundown what you accept are their top needs and what you can help with.


Email or call to offer your help in your recorded territories in addition to whatever else they desperately need.

Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Customer is that driving force that can made even top officials of companies to change their policies.

From marketing team to the sales team and from finance team to top officials make their plans according to the nature of the customer and their changing demands.

It is also said that, those who understands their customer well will have key to their success, but if they failed to understand then there is nothing to save them.

Companies are ready to invest huge amount to understand their customer pattern, what they are buying and what not they try to amend their policies according to their customer need.

Further, with the advancement of technology it is very easy to track the trend of the market and that's why more and more business is shifting towards digital marketing.

So according to me customer is like fuel for the organisation.