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YashTop Contributor
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Asked a question 3 years ago

What one should do to avoid the penalty?

Where am I?

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  • Do not link to any other site with bad page rank.
  • Avoid Poison words, for example word “link”, when you hypertext this text to give the link to your site it becomes poison words.
  • Avoid stealing text or images from other domains.
  • Avoid re-directing users to another page through refresh meta tags – don’t immediately send user or visitors to another page even before he or she clicked on the web page link.
Devashish Shrivastava Top Contributor
Undergraduate student | Content Writer

You can follow the given steps to avoid penalty:

  1. Know the rules and follow them
  2. Do a content audit
  3. Clean up your link profile
  4. Stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates
  5. Keep creating great content

By playing smart, you can win the search game. You’ll start intuiting what Google wants, how the algorithm works, and what you need to do to succeed.