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What makes people motivation....???

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Garima GoelTop Contributor
Content writer and social intern at startupTalky

Being motivated ,is different for people, some may get motivated by the appreciation other may get motivated by the money which they invest in the business.

For entrepreneur may be the appreciation , public uses their services for the better usage .for example just take an idea of Uber and ola ,it was the demand created by the public regarding money and protection.

Now its using all over the world, being an entrepreneur what you need more.you191 are praised by everyone and still you are updating your services.

Just try to know the back story of these people , although the struggle was tough but they take it as apportunity.

Areas That Drive People

Advancement – These people see reaching new heights as the best form of motivation

1. Next promotion

If all you want to do is hit your next promotion, sit down with a team leader or teammate and figure out what goals you need to accomplish to get there.

2. Complete a task

These are the people that have to finish what they started. If members of your team are like that, break down their responsibilities into tasks so they can stay motivated.

3. Meeting a deadline

Some people are only motivated by a looming deadline. A deadline gives them a clear goal to focus on and many of them work up until the last second before the deadline is reached. Give them more deadlines or move the deadline sooner to get more results.


5. Lifestyle

This person likes nice things, but they aren’t selfish in a negative sense. People that are driven by achieving a lifestyle know what they want to get out of working hard. Their goal is tangible. Motivating people driven by a lifestyle is about understanding what their end goal looks like.

6. Recognition

Working with people driven by recognition is all about making the extra effort to turn the spotlight on them when you can. They will shine and outperform everybody if they are given recognition for their performance. It could be as simple as having a one-on-one and letting them know how much you appreciate the effort they are putting out there.

7. Security

There are people out there that selfishly want to be secure in their job, their lifestyle, or in their industry. These people want to live in communities and countries that provide them with a sense of security.