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What makes a good salesman?

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A good sales person is really important for the company's growth and improvement. This is not an easy job but a good salesman has following qualities -

Effective Communication

A good Sales person must speak effectively and concisely. They should know who are they going to interact with and accordingly use the proper vocabulary to impress customers. Sales people need to read their prospect and know how to adjust their tone and speed to match the conversation flow of their client.

Good listener

Listening is as important as speaking in a conversation. Listening is the most important part of any sales process. One must be able to listen customer's views, opinions and queries regarding the product or services so that queries can be addressed properly. The interaction should always be two-way to involve the customers into conversation. 


Patience is a crucial quality of sales people. There might be circumstances in which client might make you impatient by asking doubts, questions but those should be handled with patience. A good sales person has the ability to create a bridge between problem and solution, for which they must develop ability to stay calm. 

High Emotional Intelligence

A good salesman is Emotionally intelligent. They are smart enough to understand and predict what's going on in the client's head. This can be used to advantage by expressing clearly and solving their queries.