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What is VR? Is this technology the future of India?

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer technology that helps in creates a simulated environment, i.e., builds a 3D environment that looks like our real world.
Virtual Reality and augmented reality are two similar things, but they are not the same. They are just like the two sides of the coin. The virtual reality is just about the artificial environment and surroundings, whereas the augmented reality is about artificial objects.

Virtual reality is one of the trending technology which is most commonly used in entertainment applications such as video games and 3D cinema. The best example is Sony's Playstation VR.

Most of the companies like HTC, Oculus, and Sony are leading the way, but there are also players like Google, Lenovo, and Apple who have just entered the market and trying to create a significant opportunity for their business.

This craze is also hitting the great heights in India. Some of the well known Indian start-ups in this field are:-

1) Rizort


Rizort is a startup that allows users to consume VR panoramic content created by creators all around the world. This startup is set up in Bangalore, India. The startup has got the funding of $3M in its first round.

2) Kalpnik

This start-up has a plan to create virtual reality experiences for users to explore remote and far off locations. One of the main feature of this start-up is to make you experience the religious events which are taking place in the far distance. The start-up has got the funding of around $500k in it's initial round.

3) Jadooz

The start-up is working on the development of cinema and theatre entertainment in India i.e. basically in the tier II and tier III cities. The start-up has got the funding of $300k in it's initial round.

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