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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is the startup story of beauty brand NYKAA?

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Nykaa was established in 2012 and the thought went to her when she began feeling certain and engaged at being guided through the correct method for utilizing magnificence items and being advised which are the correct items to be utilized. She got this involvement with multi-brand magnificence stores like Sephora, and Falguni, regardless of not being a customary purchaser of excellence items, felt pulled in to purchase those value many dollars attributable to the correct direction. She wanted to duplicate this India. She likewise needed the ladies of India to feel engaged.


"I needed to imitate that in India — a multi-brand retailer selling the best magnificence, in addition to a ton of instruction to help customers...I needed to represent those ladies who need to be delightful for themselves, not for men or other ladies. Indian ladies were prepared for that and that is the reason they identified with Nykaa. It was a kind of strengthening."- Falguni Nayar