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What is the Seed Stage?

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Funding stages
Funding stages

The seed stage means a  period just after a company has came into force and is working on their proof of concept. While company is on this stage  its also looking to gain initial transaction and receive feedback from early adopters so that they can refine what they offer before looking to move into the growth stage.

Seed money options include friends and family funding, seed venture capital funds, angel funding, and crowdfunding.

Startup Funding Stages You Should Know About

Pre-Seed Funding: The bootstrapping stage

Seed Funding: Product development stage

Series A Funding: First round of VC

Pre-Seed Funding: The bootstrapping stage

Seed Stage indicates the first investment by Venture Capitalists and this usually is not the first investment in a company. Venture Capitalists are institutional investors who put in money only if they are satisfied with idea, team and potential of scaling of the business model.