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Asked a question 4 years ago

What is the role of self help groups in entrepreneurship development?

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Self help groups are basically informal group of 10-15 people who come together to address their common social economic problems. The main aim of self help groups is to make its member independent by providing them training to get employment and become self sufficient. All the decisions of self help groups are taken democratically by its members in general meetings. They play a very important role in entrepreneurship development especially in countries like india. They provide full support to all its members who have the capability to become successful entrepreneurs. They provide necessary training to its potential entrepreneurs so that they can  grab opportunities to start and run their own business. They also encourage and empower women to be entrepreneurs. They tirelessly help their members  to become financially independent and be self made. Members of self help groups participate in various programmes and activities for their development and  to explore entrepreneurship and business ventures.