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What is the importance 'Chatbot' in business?

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We all are familiar with the concept of Chatbot. Chatbots are considered the future of customer service and management. Today, many websites like IRCTC, Paypal are using chatbots to make user experience better. Some of the benefits of chatbot are as follow -

Saves time for customers –

Whenever customer seeks help or search any queries about products/services, chatbot is a great tool to answer them. Customers can chat or ask any questions and chatbot answers them within seconds. It saves a lot of time of customers and makes user experience better & convenient.

Increases efficiency –

When inquiries are received from customers, if they are sent to human agents, it takes a while to assign the agent to customers. But chatbots are efficient enough to interact with many customers which increases the efficiency.

Improves sales –

Chatbots make the conversation interactive. They can collect the information about customers such as their names, interests, etc. This data can be used for marketing by recommending products to those customers. 

Advertises new products –

Chatbots can be used to advertise the new products/services. When customer visits the website, chatbot can be used to pitch new products to them. It really helps advertise new products with less operational cost & efforts.

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