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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is the difference between entrepreneur and a businessman?

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Many people think that the term entrepreneur and businessman are one and the same thing. Infact these two very different terms. 

1. A businessman can make a business out of an unoriginal business idea. He enters into existing businesses, such as franchising and retailing. He chooses a business idea regardless of whether it is his original idea or not. Whereas an entrepreneur is an inventor and the first creator of a product. He invests time, energy and money on his own idea. He doesn’t start a business from an unoriginal idea. That is why he establish  a startup. 

2. Most businessmen are doing business for profit and achieve their financial goals. Though, there are some business people who are not profit-oriented but people-oriented, that is, they are more concerned on the welfare of their workers and the satisfaction of their customers. Entrepreneurs on other hand are more concerned on changing the world. They want to pursue their passion so they establish their own startup. 

3. Businessmen take calculated and managed risks. They cannot afford to huge  money losses and suffer from bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs take crazy risks as they have no fear of losing. They often don’t care of losing time and money just to pursue their passion.