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Neha PalTop Contributor
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Asked a question 4 years ago

What is the best business to start with the lowest overhead if I don’t have a lot of money and no real skills?

Where am I?

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My advice for you is to find something you are passionate about and become and expert in it by studying it, working for someone who is an expert, and etc. once you become an expert you will have a much easier time building a business in the space you are passionate about.
There are few business that you can start...

Start a food stall selling a fairly tasty fast food and serve it on wheels. In India, there are many such vendors who come from small towns, set up sandwich stalls in cities like Mumbai near the offices.

Dog walking: This has also caught up, you just need to employ a few people and train them, also train yourself and start finding people who could employ your services. You can build your contacts with people who are employed, or who travel a lot and they want a regular workout time for their dogs. You can charge minimal at first and when your business picks up, charge more.

Blog: Now blogging is different from writing, you can connect with writers who will write for your blog and you can manage the blog and eventually make quite a decent money out of it. You need to find your niche. There tonnes of articles on google on how to start and manage your blog.

Multi-level Marketing: Now this is somewhat a grey area, MLM schemes have many a times turned out to be Ponzi but well you can make a lot of money if you understand finances and are a reasonably good talker.