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What is Social entrepreneurship?

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The new companies and entreprenurs approach the social entrepreneurship.a social entreprenur is the one who turns their entrepreneurial bent into a social realm. To make an effort that will benefit the more people not just a few share holders. A social entrepreneur has an healthy attitude and shows healthy impatience with eberything .social entreprenurs have a zeal and passion they tend to believe fully in their project set up. They have the desire to change others mostly with the people they work. Innovation is very important for the entrepreneur to b successful they must have skills very strong. The social entrepreneur have no motive to earn money but it doesn't mean they don't intend to earn money. Risk taking is very essential in the social entrepreneurship it takes a speacial mindset to change the world with the ideas. This especially deals with the team work. Team work plays a huge role in the social entrepreneurship it is a sector where there is no much expense of Money but there is only requirement of people for the major success. A team of faithful workers and volunteers leads to an achievement for the work done. Social entrepreneur are determined when they are meeting a new challenge that can collaborate with other youth to find a mentor.