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What is Regional Balance?

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The government

is responsible for developing all regions

and states in a balanced way and

removing regional disparties. Most of

the industrial progress was limited to

a few areas like the port towns in the

pre-Independence period. After 1951,

the government laid down in its Five

Year Plans, that particular attention

would be paid to those regions which

were lagging behind and public sector

industries were deliberately set up.

Four major steel plants were set up in

the backward areas to accelerate

economic development, provide

employment to the workforce and

develop ancilliary industries. This was

achieved to some extent but there is

scope for a lot more. Development of

backward regions so as to ensure a

regional balance in the country is one

of the major objectives of planned

development. Therefore, the govern-

ment had to locate new enterprises in

backward areas and at the same time

prevent the mushrooming growth of

private sector units in already

advanced areas.