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What is meant by joint hindu family firm?

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At the point when at least two families consent to live and cooperate, toss their assets and work with joint stock and offer benefits and the misfortunes together, at that point this family is known as composite family."

There are two schools of Hindu Law-one is Dayabhaga which is predominant in Bengal and Assam and the other is Mitakshara common in the remainder of the-nation.

As per Mitakshara law, there is a child's privilege by birth in the property of joint family. That is to say, when a child is conceived in family, he secures an enthusiasm for the property together held by the family.

The matter of the Joint Hindu Family is controlled and oversaw by one individual who is called 'Karta' or 'Administrator'.

The Karta or administrator works in meeting with different individuals from the family at the end of the day he has a last say.

The risk of Karta is boundless while the obligation of different individuals is constrained to their offers in the businesshere ought to be at any rate two male individuals in the family to frame a HUF.

Familial property ought to have been acquired by individuals from HUF.

The entirety of the individuals appreciate this property and have an equivalent offer in that Property.

In this manner, any kid taking birth in that family turns into an individual from the HUF.

There is no necessity for a consent to turn into a part.


There is restricted obligation of the considerable number of individuals or co-parceners in the Hindu Undivided Family business.

All the co-parceners have equivalent rights and offers in the property of Hindu Undivided Family business

The Karta has boundless obligation.


Karta is the individual who has full power over the Hindu Undivided Family business.