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What is job attitude?

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Attitude means an internal feeling which influences and guides behaviour of an individual. It helps an individual to act in the manner they feel about  something . It can either be positive or negative. So job attitude means an employees 's feeling about his or her job and organization in which they work . Every person has a different job attitude towards his job . Job attitude comprises of ideas and beliefs that an individual have regarding his job . With these the following are the 2 job related attitude. 

  1. Job satisfaction - the sense of job satisfaction means how an individual is satisfied with his job . People can have positive and satisfied attitude towards their job . They can also be dissatisfied or have negative attitude towards the work and their job.
  2. Job involvement - it is concerned how actively an employee is involved in his job . People who are committed and determined towards their job show high engagement in the job whereas people who are less interested or less committed will have lower participation in his/her job .