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What is Intra B commerce?

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involved in the electronic transactions

are from within a given business firm,

hence, the name intra-B commerce. As

Seen earlier too, one critical difference

between e-commerce and e-business

is that, e-commerce comprises a

business firm’s interaction with its

suppliers, and distributors/other

business firms (hence, the name B2B)

and customers (B2C) over the internet.

While e-business is a much wider term

and also includes the use of intranet

for managing interactions and

dealings among various departments

and persons within a firm. It is largely

due to use of intra-B commerce that

today it has become possible for

the firms to go in for flexible

manufacturing. Use of computer

networks makes it possible for the

marketing department to interact constantly with the production

department and get the customised

products made as per the

requirements of the individual

customer. In a similar vein, closer

computer-based interactions among

the other departments makes it

possible for the firm to reap

advantages of efficient inventory

and cash management, greater

utilisation of plant and machinery,

effective handling of customers’

orders, and effective human resource management.