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What is FedEx Shipping Cost

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FedEx shipping cost is a hot topic for business owners. Many want to know what the cost will be for them to ship with FedEx and if it is worth the price. This blog post will break down the different FedEx shipping rates and give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. We will also compare FedEx rates to other popular shipping carriers so that you can make an informed decision about which carrier is best for your business.

The FedEx shipping cost is among the most attractive features of the company. Most of its clients are business users who want their shipments to be delivered on time, with a guaranteed delivery time, and at a very affordable price. FedEx can ensure your shipment arrives in perfect shape at an affordable rate with up-to-date technology, efficient ground operations, and an extensive network.

Two ways to calculate FedEx Shipping:

The FedEx shipping cost is calculated in two ways: the dimensional weight and the actual weight. The dimensional weight is a more important factor when it comes to calculating the final price, while smaller shipments that don't need a speedy delivery but rather a guaranteed time of arrival can enjoy lower rates because an actual weight calculation will apply in this case. 

To calculate your rate, FedEx offers its users a convenient tool on their official website where you can enter the size and dimensions of the package you want to ship as well as other variables such as services needed or what type of package it is (whether it has flexible or rigid walls) and get immediate results for quotes from multiple Fedex locations worldwide.

While the FedEx shipping cost is generally lower than most similar carriers, you can still get cheaper rates if you use their various coupons and discounts. These are available on their official website or even through sites offering free Fedex coupons. In addition, the company also offers its discount programs for specific types of packages depending on the weight of the shipment, the type of service method used to deliver it, and so on.

FedEx also has a section in which they inform users about different aspects such as whether they charge brokerage fees or not, how much insurance costs, and so on, so checking this page before getting a rate will definitely save you some money in the future when choosing your preferred carrier.

Exact Price:

FedEx shipments are charged based on the weight of each package and vary depending on where it is going. The cost to ship a one-pound package from Memphis, TN (for example) to Orlando, FL would be approximately $20.00 to $22.00. To ship a one-pound package from Cincinnati, OH to Denver, CO, would cost between $25 and $27. A five-pound shipment from New York City to Phoenix would typically cost about $80. And so forth.

When your FedEx shipment may weigh less than fifty pounds but will be traveling over 1,000 miles, there's an additional charge of up to ten percent, which depends on the distance traveled and the weight of the package. Some exceptions apply for Standard service, which applies for shipments weighing less than two pounds.

For international shipping, it's best to make contact with the nearest FedEx office. This will give you an accurate quote specifically for your location and shipment (country). The most common factors that affect cost are fuel surcharge, country remoteness, package dimension, and weight.

How is this different from UPS? 

UPS provides you with a real-time quote before purchase; however, you have to offer them all of your information - including your credit card number - before being told what the actual price will be! Additionally, they offer a Mini Quote option if you need a quick ballpark figure instead of a specific upfront without having to submit personal information.

A final consideration would be that you do not purchase insurance for the shipment as FedEx covers the unexpected damage or loss of up to $100 (for example). Again, this is an option; it... isn't required.

What about DHL? 

DHL does not allow online users to provide a quote as UPS and FedEx do. You will have to call them up and speak with a representative over the phone. Another difference is that they offer much higher rates than their competitor rates. For example, some quotes were $120-$130 for a one-pound package traveling from New York City to Phoenix, AZ.


FedEx shipping cost47 is an important consideration for any business. However, the right shipping plan can save your company time and money, while the wrong choice can be costly and inefficient. We hope this article has helped you better understand FedEx's shipping options and given you the information you need to choose the best plan for your needs.

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