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What is entrepreneurial management?

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Entrepreneurial management as the name suggests is basically management of a startup company. Entrepreneurial management is treated as a particular concept in management as it is different from managing existing businesses and is all about using management practices and knowledge in establishing, organizing and running business effectively. An entrepreneur after commercing his business need management skills and mindset to grow his business. At early stage of startup an entrepreneur is new to business world and he is only a innovator and risk taker at this time. So he need to develop skills to manage the activities of a growing business and bring change in the world as he had vision. As more and more employees will be added and small business turns into large scale business means that activities will become more complex so here again there is a need for entrepreneurial management. After considering above information here are some advantages of entrepreneurial management as follows :

  1. It helps to grow small to large business in a effective and quick manner 
  2. It provides motivation to entrepreneur as well as employees working in the company as motivation is a important element of management that helps to regain interest in the work. 
  3. It helps in better organizing, staffing and controlling of startup business 

Thus, implementing entrepreneurial management in the company is truly beneficial. 

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Asked a question 3 years ago
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