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What is E- Business?

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e-business is defined as the

Industrial conduct, trade and

commerce using the computing systems. The network you are most

familiar with as a student or consumer

is the internet. Whereas internet is a

Large browsing source, firms use more

private, and, hence more secure

networks for more effective and efficient

management of their internal functions.

e-business versus e-commerce:

Though, many a times, the terms

e-business and e-commerce are used

interchangeably, yet more precise

definitions would distinguish between

the two. Just as the term ‘business’ is

a broader term than ‘commerce’,

e-business is a more elaborate term

and comprises various business

transactions and functions conducted

electronically, including the more

popular gamut of transactions called

‘e-commerce.’ e-commerce covers a

firm’s interactions with its customers

and suppliers over the internet.

e-business includes not only

e-commerce, but also other

electronically conducted business

functions such as production,

inventory management, product

development, accounting and finance

and human resource management.

e-business is, therefore, clearly much

more than buying and selling over the

internet, i.e., e-commerce.