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what is Celsus and Sharpist?

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Celus is a quickly developing startup situated in Munich, making an online programming answer for enable improvement groups of equipment tech items to effortlessly fabricate inserted frameworks, without profound information about gadgets. The Celus programming naturally creates schematics, designs for printed circuit sheets (PCB), bill of materials (BOM) and Embedded Source Code through mechanization and computerized reasoning. Through this profoundly new methodology with respect to hardware Celus cut advancement times and expertise hindrances. Celus was established in 2018 and brought €1.7 million up in February of 2020.


Passbase, 2018 19

Sharpist – The Berlin-based startup Sharpist set out to make "moments of clarity" at scale. Established in 2018, the youthful organization gives a versatile stage that assists experts with pursueing their professions with more prominent commitment, center, and profitability. Their turnkey learning and advancement arrangement consolidates 1:1 video training meetings with constant smaller scale learning works out. More or less, Sharpist lets associations scale worldclass official training to their whole workforce. In February of 2020, the startup made sure about €4.8 million in seed subsidizing.